Teak Tables

High Quality Teak Wood Tables Collection

The table collection that you can find at MoreThanTeak.com isn’t just teak wood table. We made it from the best quality teak wood. We choose it from the best source of teak wood in Indonesia that famous for producing the teak wood that usually exported and used by many top companies. However, if that’s the only method we use to create the table, that wouldn’t be enough to fulfill our main mission, which is satisfying our customer. Therefore, we also use many different methods to make the wood stronger and more durable to be used for longer time as outdoor furniture.

But, that’s not all. Our table collection here is designed to be suitable for the best usage as outdoor and indoor furniture. We use the design that can easily corporate with any chair products that you also can find in this website. And, speaking about the design of this table collection, you can find many different touches of style and culture in it. Most of all product use the modern style, which make our product looks simpler and easy to use. However, we also add some classic and traditional touch to give it more classic and natural looks, which is suitable for outdoor area. However, even though we said it as the outdoor furniture, but, it isn’t only suitable for garden and patio only. You also can place it inside your house and give your room new and unique table as decoration or furniture that will change your room appearance. However, on the outdoor area, these tables will be able to become one of most beautiful furniture and decoration you can use.

The appearance isn’t only the most important thing that you can find on our garden and patio table. We also put more thought on how the table will be able to give ease for our customer. The ease is the most important here. We would like to provide the easiest way for our customer to use our table product. And, of course, that means our customer won’t need to have too much worry and difficulty, and can just use it like what they want.
Back to the appearance, we also use simple finish for all table products. We try to keep the natural looks as much as we can. We believe by using this design concept, the table will be blended very well with the outdoor scenery. That will make the table become the most important part of the outdoor.

Our indonesia teak furniture, including this table collection, is made with high quality standard. They are not only beautiful in its appearance and best in its feature and functionality. They also qualified and fulfill the international market standard that make us capable in exporting it to fulfill the demand of customer from other country. And, all of them are satisfied with our product, which means our table; chairs and other are really the best and acknowledged. More than that, we also provide different type and style that you can choose freely here.