Teak wood is a well known wood for furniture. The color, texture and its durability are the main reason why most people prefer to use it for outdoor furniture and indoor furniture. Teak furniture is also preferred because it is weather and pest resistant. It also has a beauty and long life time. Not forget to mention than teak furniture only need a low maintenance.

Teak maybe more expensive than other type of wood furniture, but it is worth with the quality and also good investment. Beyond its beauty, it also possesses some natural properties that other woods don’t have. A good treatments before the production processes determine the quality of the furniture.

Today, teak furniture are vary in design and style. To develop great furniture, some of furniture manufacturer combine teak with other material, such as: rattan, iron and stainless steel. Less teak wood is used by combining material, thus gives a huge benefit for environment because there is no need to cut much trees. Combining material to be used with teak wood provide more options for customers to choose. You can choose furniture that fit to your life style, room size or even an occasions as well as your budget.

When you buy teak furniture, you will not only get the furniture it self, but also the experience of teak furniture mentioned above. What you have is not only just teak furniture, but more because of the experience you have.

In morethanteak.com, we deliver not only the teak furniture but more than that.

Our yard and garden furniture are sent out level stuffed to everywhere throughout the world and we keep on creating with a specific end goal to be acknowledged in all nations. At present we are sending out to UK, France, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, United States, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore and a few nations once more. Our customers furniture wholesaler or retailer, as well as furniture store, eatery, resort lodging, inn venture for the pool side or cultivate, SPA, loft, and end client that need to enhance for their porch, plant or patio.